Sam Eaton

Coming up this week on The HR Show we welcome Sam Eaton, who joins us for a fun sit down interview to talk her career, positive mindset and her journey in life. It is a fascinating interview and one of the most enjoyable ones which I have had the pleasure of conducting.

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About Sam Eaton

Sam Eaton runs MindAbility which has a number of coaching businesses within the group, from neuroscience based coaching through to business coaching. Sam started her career in KPMG, before moving to Goldman Sachs and BSkyB. Thereafter, she helped build a number of businesses and became fascinated with neuroscience and how the data can be used to empower individuals and teams achieve their goals for the betterment of their lives. Sam’s mantra in life is ‘the goal in life is to grow so strong on the inside, that nothing on the outside can affect your inner wellness without your conscious permission.’

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