Lockdown 3.0


Happy New Year to all of our listeners and welcome to the first episode of the Jurassic HR Podcast for 2021.

In this episode we are looking at the recently announced national lockdown which the UK is currently, we discuss how this has impacted our businesses, the NHS, education and welcome on two guests from industry to give their views.

Time Stamp Details:

0:00 – Audio – Boris Johnson announcing the lockdown (Monday 4th January 2021)

02:05 – Introduction, episode information, contact details

04:32 – Let’s Talk Lockdown

17:20 – ONS Statistics on Lockdown 2020

22:42 – Guest – Dean Dionysiou (Event Merchandise) – Discussing how Event have managed during the Covid era and thoughts on the future

46:19 – Guest – Charlie Goodman (Caevello Consulting) – Discussing employee wellbeing, Covid in financial industry and more

01:11:01 – Case Study – Casualty (Pandemic Episode) – Also should we go back to clap for nurses?

01:16:05 – Lockdown and Education

01:17:00 – Close Down and Wrap Up

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