Brexit Deal


Welcome to the final episode of the Jurassic HR Podcast for 2020. In this episode we are looking at the newly made deal between the UK and EU, which comes into force on the 1st January 2021. We will be looking at the four main areas, providing detail on the content and looking at how this impacts us here in the UK

Time Stamp Details:

0:00 – Introduction, episode information, contact details and information on the free resource which is being made available

02:34 – Trade Deal Discussion – Trade

03:50 – Trade Deal Discussion – Travel

05:08 – Trade Deal Discussion – Fishing

06:07 – Trade Deal Discussion – European Court of Justice / Security

08:13 – Trade Deal Discussion – Study

09:00 – Trade Deal Discussion – Other Aspects of the Deal

13:53 – Close Down and Wrap Up

Discussed in the podcast we have a free resource which is a copy of the UK / EU Brexit Deal document

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